“5 Crucial Forms That Can Make Your PI Cases Easier”


(1) 60 Minute Webinar:
Your PI cases can be a lot easier when you have the right tools at your fingertips…

All PI cases require the capture and delivery of specific information in order to ensure consistent documentation, improved case outcomes and increased marketability…

Quick Tip: Don’t be a provider that forces general office forms into their PI cases. That is a sure recipe for disaster!

Other providers will try to go “paperless.” The fact is, as much as you may want it to be so, Personal Injury cannot be a “paperless” process. You need specific forms…

What are the 5 crucial forms you need? Find out during this important webinar...
(you can immediately download the 5 forms after completing your purchase)

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This Webinar Will Cover the Following:
Previous Providers and Accident Health History Form
You need this information for your causation statement and to avoid being “blind-sided” later on
– plus it improves attorney relationships and marketability

Sleep Disturbance Questionnaire
An easy way to document one of the highest and most important case value drivers
– improves outcomes, marketability and attorney relationships

Personal Affects Questionnaire
A very specific questionnaire that plays directly into civil jury instructions; your cases don’t go to court, doesn’t matter, the attorney will use this in their final demand package

increases case value, marketability and attorney relationships

New Personal Injury Patient Phone Script
You probably have a script but does your staff ask and instruct the new PI patient to supply critical symptomatic and med-legal information
– improves documentation, outcomes and consistency

Office Staff Visit-to-Visit Checklist
Use this on all your cases to ensure essential PI procedures and activities are performed by your staff, consistently

improves outcomes, staff accountability and reliability

These Forms Are Exclusive to AIPIP and Not Available Anywhere Else!