Effective Personal Injury Attorney Meetings (Digital)


(1) 57 Minute Video

So many providers want to meet and get their foot in the door with certain attorney firms. Do you know how to schedule a meeting, what to do and say and how to follow-up? Your meetings are not the place for improvising, they must be well rehearsed and scripted for success. Stop wasting your time and efforts with unproductive meetings and find out how to get a “yes” on the spot!

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In This Video Find Out:

What are the Different Types of Personal Injury Attorneys
– You must know your audience and whom you are going to do business

Exactly What You Should do Before You Ever Have a Meeting
– Don’t skip this step otherwise you decrease your outcomes success significantly

How to Script Your Meeting with “Key Phrases” for Greater Success
– Practice for your meetings in advance and be prepared, don’t leave anything to chance

Sample Attorney Marketing Meeting Script