Marketing Your Practice to Personal Injury Attorneys – 7 Expert Tips (DVD)


(1) 40 Minute Video

Most providers were not taught how to market their practices and especially not to Personal Injury attorneys. What do you have to do and what does it take to be able to speak to your ideal client in a manner that begins to make you marketable. If you want to improve your attorney marketing results you have to know what they want and deliver it better than your competition.

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In This Video You Will Find Out:

What is the Big Dis-Connect Between Personal Injury Attorneys and Providers
– If you don’t understand this one, it makes the rest very difficult

7 Tips to Start Separating Yourself from Other Providers
– Most providers have no idea how to do this, apply these tips and see your results

How to Use Your Own Patient Base to Market to Personal Injury Attorneys
– It can’t be a one-way street so you must be able to give to get