“Marketing Your Practice to Personal Injury Attorneys” – Simple Steps for Greater Results


(3) 60 Minute Webinars:
Are you getting all the PI attorney referrals you want every month?

Do you have enough solid, steady, reliable and profitable PI attorney relationships?

Here’s the deal; attorneys have injured clients in their offices right now, they need to send them somewhere, so why shouldn’t it be to you?

How would your practice change if you could add more PI referrals from current attorney relationships plus establish beneficial new relationships?

AIPIP – Attorney Preparation Outline Sheet
(exactly how to identify)
AIPIP – 30-Day Attorney Marketing Calendar
(exactly when to do it)
AIPIP – Attorney Meeting Scheduling Script
(exactly what to say)

30-Minute Marketing Phone Consult
with AIPIP (exactly how to be successful)
(consult must be used within 60 days of purchase) 


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In This 3-Part Webinar Series You Will Learn How To:
– Identify 3 Separate PI Attorney Categories
You must develop a plan and strategy for each category
– Be a Solution for Each Attorney Category
If you’re not a solution, well then you’re the…
– Position Yourself for Successful Marketing
What you say is critical for success; don’t be just another lunch meeting
– Separate Yourself From the Competition
Use other providers PI inabilities as your source of differentiation
– Deliver 5 Specific Case Elements That Shows Your PI Skills
Few attorneys will take your word, you must show and then deliver

This type of marketing is not hard, it’s just no one ever showed you how to do it in a simple step-by-step manner…