“Personal Injury Income Workshop”


(3) 60 Minute Webinars

Ever wonder how much collectable money you are actually leaving behind in your Personal Injury cases?
Even if you have the smallest of PI practices (and I’m talking minuscule, like 1 PI patient a month) you are potentially leaving a lot (collectable, NOT inflated service) behind each and every year. Improve your value driver documentation, boost your negotiation skills and upgrade your report writing all while adding to your Personal Injury income.

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In This 3-Part Workshop You Will Find Out:

Which of Your Cases Viable and Collectable
– Do you evaluate them, attorneys do, so why don’t you

Exactly What You Need to Increase the Value of Your Cases.
– Increased value means fair value settlements for your patients, less reductions and greater revenue for you

How You Can Negotiate Reduction Requests Fairly
– Increase your revenue without destroying your PI business relationships

How to Generate PI Reports that Actually Help Get You Paid
– Help those that are trying to get you paid while increasing your bottom-line