“Personal Injury Marketing Workshop”


(3) 60 Minute Webinars

Many providers believe it has to take a long time to develop a solid, predictable and profitable Personal Injury practice. This is definitely NOT the case, you just have to know what to do, when to do it and why!
There are PI patients that need you right now literally sitting in your patient database. You can even make yourself more marketable to PI attorneys even if you never have a face-to-face meeting.

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In This 3-Part Workshop You Will Find Out:

How to Market to Your Current Patient Base
– Your own patients are a gold mine of PI referrals

The Missing Pieces in Your Personal Injury Marketing
– This is done without spending (wasting) thousands on advertising

How to Make Yourself More Marketable & Get More Referrals
– Increase your PI attorney referrals with just a few simple steps

Straightforward Ways to Improve Your Marketing Results!
Start Getting the Results You Always Knew You Could!

“What to Do in Case of an Accident” Document