“The Personal Injury Attorney Marketing Insider Workshop” Secrets to Increasing Your Marketability and Referrals


(2) 60 Minute Webinars

Find out how you can initiate, improve and expand your Personal Injury attorney relationships, right from your target audience! Nearly every provider has tried to market their practice to PI attorneys, but very few have success…because most don’t know exactly what to do and say. Stop wasting your time and effort with unproductive meetings and marketing. Special guest attorney co-presenter.

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In This Webinar Find Out:

How to Begin to Get Attorneys to Actually Work with You
– The best ways to approach your current and new attorney relationships

Exactly What to Do and Say During Your Meetings
– This is probably why your previous meetings have not gone as well as you like

Directly from the Inside, What Attorneys Require from Providers
– This is critical for all your current attorney relationships