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“How to Improve Your PI Cases with Objective Functional Testing”

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AIPIP & JTech Medical Personal Injury Success Webinar

“How to Improve Your PI Cases with Objective Functional Testing”

Wednesday, October 31, 2018
1:00 pm Eastern   12:00 pm Central   11:00 am Mountain   10:00 am Pacific

Today’s Personal Injury cases are all about “show and tell”

When there are demonstrable injuries, it is paramount for providers to capture, document, diagnose and provide the information to those settling the case…

It can also supports your own treatment and management! 

Objective functional testing is an important component of your clinical documentation and it weaves its way through many critical areas of your PI cases… 

Find out simple steps you can take to improve all your PI cases immediately… 

JTech Medical provides world-class solutions for healthcare providers to document and objectively demonstrate the physical capabilities of their patients…

When the insurance company scrutiny comes (and you know it will) what will you have to defend yourself?

Symptoms and pain or quantitative, objective, proven, reliable, demonstrable, reproducible testing and documentation

In This Webinar You Will Learn:
– The Importance of Objective Evidence in Personal Injury
– How to Identify PI Value / Severity Drivers with Objective Testing
– How to Use Computerized Testing to Support Treatment and Rehab
– How to Improve Your PI Case Outcomes with Objective Functional Testing

– The Value of Dual Inclinometry, Muscle Testing and Grip Strength Evaluation in the PI Setting
– How Objective Data Captured in Real Time Can Strengthen Your Cases
– The Relevance of Bilateral Testing Comparisons and Validity Criteria to AMA Norms
– The Significance of Providing Reliability of Effort and Customized Reports for PI Attorneys

The Webinar:
This is a 60-minute webinar (with time for Q&A)

The Details:
After registering you will receive a GoToMeeting webinar link in your confirmation email
– Click on that link to complete your registration…
– If you can’t make the webinar live, no worries…
– The webinar will be recorded, you will receive a link to the video replay…
– Watch at your convenience

It’s Free! (but you still need to register)


“How to Improve Your PI Cases with Objective Functional Testing”
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