1Are continuing education credits available?
Continuing education credits are available for some “live” seminars. Please contact AIPIP for available CE credits for specific events. Chiropractic CE credits are not available for events such as Personal Injury webinars, workshops and med-legal conferences.
2Why should I attend an AIPIP event?
AIPIP offers a practical approach to learning and understanding Personal Injury. Every event is purposely designed to allow utilization of the material the very next day. Our events include specific examples, “do’s and don’ts”, “best practices” and applicable information.
3Does this information apply to my state?
Yes, the information taught at the AIPIP events is universal and applies in all states. In addition, AIPIP makes an effort to incorporate practical state specific information in all our instructional materials.
4How do I get started?
AIPIP is home of the “Personal Injury Success Blueprint” System. The program offers access to all the AIPIP information, materials, tools and resources. The initial program is for 24-months with on-line availability 24/7. After the initial term, you can continue to have access plus the continuous updates for a nominal monthly fee. To start or view more details see the “Personal Injury Success Blueprint” System page.
5What are webinars?
Webinars are web-based “seminars.” They can be attended live or will be available on the AIPIP website at a later date. The AIPIP webinars contain pertinent med-legal information, marketing, case management and documentation information. CE credits have not been applied for any AIPIP webinar, but may be available in certain states. Please check with your state board.
6What if I have not received my certificate for CE hours?
If you have attended a live CE seminar and have not received confirmation of your attendance, please call AIPIP at (888) 924-7479.