Eric Lane, DC

Tucson, AZ

I had been doing Personal Injury Work for almost 20 years. Due to the changes in Insurance I wanted to expand the personal injury work I was doing and market myself to be one of the best. I went to an AIPIP seminar and it was an eye opening experience for me. I was doing everything wrong. Although I was helping my patients get better I was not documenting or helping them more with regard to settling their claims with the insurance company or if they had an attorney represent them. I then began to understand why attorneys were not referring to me more often. I decided I needed help immediately.

As I look back on last year I wanted to see just how many more personal injury patients we treated vs. the year before. It was quite amazing. From the time we began implementing the AIPIP procedures and doing the individual coaching sessions, we doubled the amount of personal injury patients I saw from the year before. After 20 years of doing things “wrong” there are growing pains. But now that the systems are in place things flow so smoothly.

Insurance companies don't complain about my treatment, attorneys refer to me and are collecting higher settlements because of these systems. Best of all patients are getting better in every way. Now that I am managing cases better the patients get the care they need when they need it. Thanks AIPIP for re-energizing me and my practice and guiding me step by step.

Update: Last week with a rather large firm here in Tucson I got a pleasant surprise. We had finished treating a patient that had retained them for legal services. They had not referred this patient and I had not referred them either. By consequence they were using us both. I received a phone call from the attorney handling the case expressing how pleased he was with the way we had handled treating, documenting and referring their client. He had not seen this type of work from a "chiropractor" in the many years of his handling personal injury cases. He also wanted to get together for lunch.

I had been trying to arrange lunch with him for a few months and his assistant had told me he doesn't go to lunch with doctors. What surprised me even more happened the following day when a new personal injury patient called to schedule an appointment. Before we asked who had referred her she already told us this large law firm and this particular attorney.

Shannan Starman, DC

Alpharetta, GA

Over the past 6 months my personal injury practice has continued to grow with the help of AIPIP. Attorneys are thrilled with the detailed medical files and documentation I am giving them when their clients are released from care and my attorney referrals have increased dramatically. In addition, I am making their lives easier when I include copies of medical records from all other medical providers and organize their files for them.

I have been thrilled with the settlement outcomes of the last 2 PI cases I turned over to an attorney I have been working with. One was settled for policy limits ($25,000) where total medical bills were about $6,000. One is in the process of settling where the attorney has been told she will be given a check for policy limits ($100,000) and where she anticipates she will also recover an additional $25,000 in UIM, for a total of $125,000. In both cases I am being paid my fees in full, no question.

But that has been the rule, not the exception, with the vast majority of cases I have settled since AIPIP.

The transformation to the PI portion of my practice has been remarkable. I used to have a handful of PI cases, probably averaged about 1 per month, on a yearly basis. Now I have a desk where I keep all my active PI files so I can constantly go in and out to review the paperwork, exam sheets, etc. I now average anywhere from 5 to 10 open files on a daily basis, and close out about 1-2 cases per week. I would like to double that in 3-6 months. Previously, I got ZERO attorney referrals. None. Now, about 70% of my cases are attorney referrals!

Whitney Malina, DC

Decatur, GA

After just 2 months with AIPIP I am feeling stronger and more confident when dealing with personal injury patients, lawyers and referring orthopedic doctors. I know what lawyers are looking for in regards to the type of language we as doctors use in our notes and the type of records they like to have.

I have already sat down with 2 attorneys and explained to them what I do with personal injury patients in my office and frankly they were completely shocked by what was coming out of my mouth because I could see it in their faces and body language! It was actually a little amusing.

There are far too many things that will put you ahead of the curve in the personal injury arena to mention, but anybody can do it because it is not difficult. We just were never taught it properly. If you are looking to increase personal injury in your practice, AIPIP is the place to learn it the right way.

Update: After 1 year with AIPIP our office has grown from 15% PI to about 35%. The reason we have grown significantly is because we better understand the logic behind managing a personal injury case and have the tools and resources to accompany the case. We have also increased in revenue almost 20% due to our personal injury cases. In addition, we have more referrals from attorneys than we did before because they appreciate our management of the cases. We are not being ask to cut our bills as often as before, which is one of the reasons our revenue has increased.

Our office is so happy that we have gone through the AIPIP system and individual coaching. We have continued with them because it is a learning process and there is much more to gain. We have the fundamentals and that is the most important part to have to continue our success and growth.

Thank you AIPIP!

Travis Vaughn, DC

Kennewick, WA

I have been in practice for 4 years and have only been with AIPIP for a short time. Over the past 4 years, I have treated many PI cases and always felt like I wasn't doing all that I could do to grow more of a PI practice. I wanted to increase my knowledge and value in order to make myself more marketable to attorneys, but I didn't have the time or even know where to start.

Prior to AIPIP I managed several PI cases per year and thought that I did a pretty good job. I wanted to refine my skills and be a doctor that attorneys sought out and referred their clients to. AIPIP taught me how to speak and chart in language that attorneys understand and like.

Since I started to implement AIPIP's system and protocols I now have an easy step by step process to help me manage my cases. In just a few short weeks I know how to take a PI case and ethically and professionally increase the value through proper documentation and management. The knowledge and value I have already received in just a short time far exceeds my out of pocket investment for AIPIP. I now have attorneys excited to refer clients to me because they know the cases will be managed correctly and they get fair value for the client.

One of my concerns with implementation of a new system was the time and energy it would take. AIPIP helped to shorten and simplify the process even quicker with their individual coaching sessions. AIPIP has also taught me how to set myself apart from all the other docs in my area. The specific tools that AIPIP have supplied have really shortened the learning curve for me and enabled me to practice PI with much more confidence.

AIPIP taught me how to approach meetings with attorneys and what questions to ask. The other day I was with an attorney that was frustrated because a patient with another chiropractor had a knee injury that required surgery. The doctor never documented a knee injury, he told the attorney because “I don’t document what I don’t treat.” The attorney was excited to see that I had a final AIPIP discharge summary report example of a case with a knee laceration that I don’t treat…but do document. I couldn’t have planned that one better.

Since joining I have attorneys send me patients because they know I will document and manage the case effectively making the necessary referrals at the right time to bring the best value to the case. AIPIP paid for itself on the 1st case referred to me by an attorney.

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