30 Days to Better Personal Injury Daily Treatment Notes (2022)


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30 Days to Better Personal Injury Daily Treatment Notes
3-Part Video Series
(Over 3 Hours of Material)

– Do you dread doing your Personal Injury daily treatment notes?
– Want to avoid treatment notes that are “canned”, redundant or cloned?
– Want to improve your confidence, compliance and reimbursement?  

If the answer is “Yes!” to any or all, there is a solution.
Now you can improve your PI daily treatment notes in 30 days or less! 

If you’ve ever wondered what a good PI daily treatment note actually looks like and the simple action steps to get there, this video series is for you.

The PI daily treatment note gets discussed, examined and dissected like never before and because of that, your notes will be better than ever. 

The videos contain specific examples, templates and language that can be used with any EMR, including hand-written and dictation too!

You Will Discover:
– Common mistakes that get providers into “hot water”
– Simple and easy ways to improve your PI notes after the very first video
– Tips, best practices and protection mechanisms no one ever tells you

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