“How to Improve Your PI Cases and Get More Attorney Referrals Without Changing the Way You Practice…”


(1) 60 Minute Webinar

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Your PI case management is arguably the most important component of your cases…

What you do (or don’t) has a significant impact on your case outcomes, potential marketability (referrals) and profitability…  

In this fast-paced webinar our panel discusses simple steps to incorporate into your cases right now, without changing how you currently practice…    

If you have any desire of increasing the PI component of your practice, improving case management is an excellent place to start!

Join Our Panel and Find Out:
Scott Tauber, D.C. / Anthony Pirie, D.C.  / Survam Patel, Pharm. D. 

How to Quickly Improve Your Case Management Skills  
What Specific Steps You Can Take Right Away
How to Increase Your PI Profitability and Marketability
(Positively and Negatively)  

Even if you only see a few PI patients right now, every additional new case can significantly affect your bottom-line!