“Personal Injury Management Without the Headache”


(1) 55 Minute Webinar

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Have you ever asked yourself (or your staff)
What’s the status of “Joe Smith’s” PI case? (I hope it settles soon)
Did that law office get our records and bills? (let’s waste time calling)
Why doesn’t the attorney return our case status calls? (good luck with that)
Where’s that settlement check? (oops, paid the patient …weeks ago)

If you have PI patients, you have these questions and more…but how quickly and efficiently do you get answers…that’s the key!

If you would like to manage your PI cases easier, be able to keep track of PI accounts receivable while communicating professionally with attorneys and paralegals watch this free webinar…

Find Out:
– How to Leverage Technology to Improve Your Organization
– The Best Practices for Sharing Documents with Med-Legal Professionals
– How to Improve Relationships with Law Firms
– How to Stay Informed and Updated About Your PI Cases
– Steps to Growing Your Personal Injury Collections  

Even if you only see a few PI patients, this will save you tons of effort and make you more time efficient!