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“3 Simple Steps to Improve Your Personal Injury History Immediately”


(1) 60 Minute Webinar:
A PI history is easy, it’s the same as all the other patient histories, right?

Not exactly…especially when your PI records are scrutinized by insurance carriers and med-legal professionals…

This webinar will help you perform a more thorough PI history, identify and eliminate common and costly mistakes and document known case value drivers and multipliers…

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In This Webinar You Will Find Out:

How a Good History Helps Supports Your Treatment
– Without a firm clinical foundation your treatment is vulnerable

What Elements to Include to Increase Case Value
– Increasing case value helps all parties and can improve your revenue

How Your History Make You More Marketable 
– If you want more PI referrals you must be able to complete a thorough PI history

Find out 3 simple steps you and your staff can take during this webinar…