“How to Improve Your PI Cases with Objective Functional Testing”


(1) 60 Minute Webinar

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In today’s environment your Personal Injury cases are all about “showing and telling” patient injuries…

When there are demonstrable injuries, it is paramount to capture, document, diagnose and provide the information to those settling the case…

It can also support your own treatment and management!

Objective functional testing is an important component of your clinical documentation and case management, since it weaves its way through many critical areas of your PI cases…

Find Out:
The Importance of Objective Evidence in Personal Injury
– How to Identify PI Value / Severity Drivers with Objective Testing
– How to Use Computerized Testing to Support Treatment and Rehab
– The Value of Dual Inclinometry and Muscle Testing in the PI Setting
– How Objective Data Captured in Real Time Can Strengthen Your Cases
– The Significance of Providing Customized Reports for PI Attorneys