“Maximizing Your Personal Injury Case Reimbursement and Compliance”


(1) 56 Minute Webinar:
Are you maximizing your Personal Injury case reimbursement?

Are your billing and coding practices compliant against post-payment audits?

When it comes to these areas of PI practice many providers and staff are unsure if they are maximizing, protecting or compliant

Mistakes here can literally cost you thousands of dollars a month and leave you vulnerable to auto insurance carrier tactics…

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In This Webinar You Will Find Out:

Common areas where providers lose tremendous revenue
– There are specific areas of your cases where thousands of dollars are lost every month

How to improve your reimbursement potential professionally and ethically
– Too many providers take unnecessary billing and coding risks, there’s no need when done right

The correct clinical documentation to secure these parts of your records
– Find out what language and documentation can help strengthen your compliance

Sleep better knowing you have these 3 areas covered!