“How to Easily Identify, Document and Diagnose Ligament Instability “


(1) 60 Minute Webinar

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Can you believe there are still providers that don’t bother to identify one of the most common and highly valuable PI injuries…ligament instability

This is not some made up injury, but one that is clearly defined in the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairmentand it can be diagnosed in your office!

It all starts with knowing it exists, it’s hard to identify something, if you’re not even looking for it!

Find Out How:
To capture this objective finding (important)
It relates back to the injury (important too)
It can elevate your status and get you more PI referrals (very important)

You Will Learn:
– The AMA Guidelines (learned treatise)
– What is AOMSI (Alteration of Motion Segment Integrity)
– How to Get Medical Necessity in Your SOAP Notes

– The Importance of Objectifying Your Patients Injury
– How to Create a “Recession Proof” Practice

Even if you only see a few PI patients, you still must be on the look-out for this injury!