“Your Initial PI Patient History – Add These 7 Elements for Better Reimbursement”


(2) 60 Minute Webinars:
Personal Injury success, profitability and marketability all starts with your initial PI patient history…

But you must know exactly what to do, when to do it, why to do it and how to do it, every time…
It begins with your initial PI patient history…

AIPIP – Initial PI Patient History Checklist

Use on all your cases to ensure essential PI history procedures and activities are performed  consistently…
Improve your outcomes, ensure staff accountability and increase reliability!

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In This 2-Part Webinar Series You Will Learn:
– How to avoid the common mistakes made by most providers
– How to identify issues that can eventually lead to reduction requests
– How to ethically and professionally add case value from your history
– How to identify the history components for your first visit billing code
– How to create a system so you improve efficiency and consistency

These webinars can improve both your PI reimbursements, (not just your first visit but the whole case) and marketability within your community!

They pay for themselves…