“How to Improve PI Patient Compliance and Increase Your Marketability by Avoiding Case Killers”


(1) 60 Minute Webinar

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There are issues that can come up in your cases that significantly impact your patient’s treatment, the case, your reimbursement and the overall outcome. 

Think about: delays in care, gaps in treatment, clinical documentation, advanced imaging, diagnosis, communication, case management, social media and the list goes on and on…    

It all starts with awareness. It’s hard to identify something, if you’re not even looking for it!

Join Our Panel and Find Out:
Scott Tauber, D.C. / Survam Patel, Pharm.D. / Harold Ehrenberg, J.D.

How to Identify One of the Most Common “PI Case Killers” 
What Specific Steps You Can Take to Avoid It
How It Can Impact the Case Outcome (Positively and Negatively)  

Even if you only see a few PI patients, you still must be aware of common “case killers!”